Roots that go deep give stability and give life to the tree. The root system facilitates the tree in becoming what its DNA says it is. Shade is given and fruit is produced. It's the same with followers of Jesus. We have His life, "DNA" if you would, in us. How can we enable our roots to go deep into God, allowing us to become...get this...what we already are? We'll explore this question in this new series. 

February 7, 2016, Lincoln Murdoch


January 31, 2016, Luke Isaacson


Stewardship - Giving God Style
January 24, 2016, Elmer Murdoch

 For more information about the Josiah Foundation's efforts to fund and distribute wheelchairs in Guatemala, click here!

Being in the Word
January 17, 2016, CJ VanMoorleghem


January 10, 2016, Ben Fischer


Series Intro/Silence & Solitude
January 3, 2016, Lincoln Murdoch