Pastor Jeff Kaiser with his wife Sherry

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Pastor Jeff and Sherry both love and enjoy people which most of us would consider a nice quality for a senior pastor and his wife.  Jeff worked in radio for as6 yrs as a DJ at Z-92, CD105.9 (Smiling Jay Michaels) and 9 yrs in Omaha's Christian radio station, KGBI 100.7.  The radio time is the basis for Jeff's statement that; "He has a face made for radio!"  At least at some point we can assume Sherry didn't agree with this, but what is undeniably true about both of them is their huge heart to see people come into God's Kingdom and to live a life totally fulfilled by the Lord Himself

The wounded and hurting, both inside the church and outside, quickly discover a strong sense of welcome from this couple and are naturally encouraged to take that next step of faith.  Speaking of faith, if you have a need of healing, physically, emotionally or spiritually, don't miss out on an opportunity to have them pray for you.  You just might find that; "God rocks your boat!" and provides just what you need.

Jeff and Sherry founded His Harvest Ministries and have ministered globally from the Baltic states to Asia, Africa, and about everywhere in between.  Yes, blind eyes and deaf ears have been opened, but they count the greatest miracle is the multitudes that have found Jesus as their Lord and Savior.   Jeff and Sherry continue to be sent out by Harvest Church Omaha to minister around the world.

Jeff and Sherry have three children and eight grandchildren and enjoy spending time together as well as with their family.  In what is left of Jeff's "spare time", he serves as the Lead Chaplain for the Sarpy County Sheriff' Office, where he ministers to many that are in need of comfort.


Pastor Craig Fischer and his wife Jan

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Craig serves as the Executive Pastor for Harvest Church.  He and Jan have been married  47 years, have eight children and fourteen grandchildren.  Craig is a Viet Nam veteran, holds a Finance and Banking degree, as well as a degree in Practical Ministry from the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola, Florida.  

Craig and Jan have pastored together and were on the faculty of the Ministry School teaching and training in various areas of Christian Ministry.  Together and independently they have ministered in Europe, the British Isles, Mexico, and the Caribbean along with numerous churches in the U.S.  They have a wide band of Biblical based messaging ranging from living in revival, to the basics of living a healthy Christian family life.

For over fifteen years Craig has ministered as a part time hospital chaplain helping individuals and families walk through difficult situations including trauma and loss.   

Jan serves as the head of Women's Ministry for Harvest Church and enjoys teaching, training, and uplifting women with words of encouragement and providing direction when needed.  She truly has a mother's heart that extends way beyond her own family.  Jan's years as a mother, a Junior High School Bible teacher, and a faculty member in a ministry school uniquely qualify her to counsel women of all ages.

Both Craig and Jan enjoy spending time together as well as with their family.  Both of them love to engage with young and old alike to encourage, train, equip, and ultimately see people discover and fulfill God's wonderful and specific plan for their life.  


I have a heart to see people encounter Jesus so that they can be empowered to impact their world!
— Jeff Kaiser, Senior Pastor