[Summer Series] The Vision - Nehemiah's Dream

This summer we'll study, chapter by chapter, the book (and person) of Nehemiah. He is an intriguing man and this book is loaded with practical application for us today. Nehemiah had a problem! A big one. He also had a vision.  Do you? Do you have a problem...out of which a vision flows?  Join us this summer for a fascinating and inspiring sermon series!

Passionate Devotion to the God of the Vision
August 11, 2013, Lincoln Murdoch


The Vision Finished - BE A Finisher
August 4, 2013, Lincoln Murdoch


The Vision and Betrayal
July 28, 2013, Lincoln Murdoch

*Sorry - Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to record the message for this week. 

The Vision Threatened From Within
July 21, 2013, Steve Peterson


The Vision Led, Worked & Strategized
July 14, 2013, Lincoln Murdoch


Special Guest Speakers
July 7, 2013, Ken & Erin Jensen

Due to the sensitivity of the content presented by our guest speakers Ken & Erin Jensen, we are unable to post their message publicly. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

The Vision Mocked and Demoralized
Overcoming Discouragement

June 30, 2013, Lincoln Murdoch


The Vision Implemented
June 23, 2013, Lincoln Murdoch


The Vision Shared, Multiplied, Opposed and Intact
June 16, 2013, Luke Isaacson


The Vision's Favor
June 9, 2013, Elmer Murdoch


The Vision Given
June 2, 2013, Lincoln Murdoch