Jesus Engagement Training (J.E.T.)

In this series, we explore what it means to engage with the people around us like Jesus did when he was on earth. Jesus was a 'gap-jumper' and was involved in the lives of the people around him. As a result, he was able to teach his followers what it truly means to follow him. During this series, we launched what we call "Discovery Groups." A Discovery Group is simply a time when people gather around a particular story of the Bible and discover what they can learn from it and how they can try to live out what they learn.

Jesus, the Gap Jumper
January 8, 2012 - Lincoln Murdoch


Crook to Book
January 15, 2012 - Lincoln Murdoch


Circular Discipleship vs Linear Discipleship - Part 1
January 22, 2012 - Lincoln Murdoch


GRACE and TRUTH ... it's both or it's neither!
January 29, 2012 - Steve Peterson


Circular Discipleship vs Linear Discipleship - Part 2
February 12, 2012 - Lincoln Murdoch


ANC'S JET Goes to Mars and Back
February 19, 2012 - Lincoln Murdoch


It's So Simple, A Caveman Can Do It!
February 26, 2012 - Jeff Kaiser